5 Best Websites for Icons

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If you’re looking for some free icons to use on your next design project, then you’ve come to the right place. We wanted our readers to have a comprehensive resource that showcased the best sites where you can easily download free icons from all over the web. You can find SVG, AI and PNG formats for ease of use with your design project.

While it’s great to create unique icons, sometimes it just isn’t feasible. You want to use an icon from a company that is already popular and well-recognized. Hiring a designer to create your own icons can be costly, but there are other options for sourcing icons.

If you’re looking for cute and cuddly icons for your site, we’ve rounded up 5 websites where you can find free and paid stock images that are sure to please your customers.


Flaticon is a great site that provides you with an abundance of famous icons, characters and brands. After all, it is known for its immense collection of more than 25k available graphic resources. There are also several interesting features incorporated into the platform that will help you discover new things.

All icons are available in SVG, PNG or AI formats. You can use them for your personal or commercial projects.


Icons8 has been a favorite of mine since they wrote about the importance of using icons in design. Not only do they publish great design content and design tips, but they are truly dedicated to making the web more visually-friendly.

You can Recolor, add Overlays, or add custom Text to your designs. You can even enable custom effects such as Strokes, Backgrounds, Padding, and more.


Iconscout offers a large collection of 2.9+ million icons, over a million of which are free to download. The site has thousands of categories, including those in its library.

With a stunning library of design assets contributed by designers and artists from around the world and integrated tools, plugins, and editors to help you modify them, they can help you create fabulous designs.


Iconfinder, the designers of thousands of free icons, is trying to prove that there is such a thing as free icons. With tens of thousands of free icons up for grabs, we know these guys are doing something right.

Regardless of the implications, Iconfinder has a database of more than 3 million icons in SVG format.


Iconshock is run by an organization specializing in modern graphic design, who have been working as graphic designers for more than a decade. They have accumulated more than 2 million original icons for their platform.

Iconshock provides users with a library of more than two million icons and also specializes in custom styles. Specifically, favorites like Material, iOS, Flat, Modern and countless others.

Here are some of the most popular icon providers in the industry. You can also find designer-based icon websites if you search. I’ll cover that in another future post. Let us know your reviews and what else kind of post you are looking for.

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