5 Best Grotesque fonts

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Grotesque sans serif typefaces are some of the most popular sans serifs out there. They’re versatile and beautiful, with a neutral, clean aesthetic that makes it easy for them to serve many different roles in your design’s composition.


Gotham is a sans-serif typeface created by American designers Tobias Frere Jones and Jesse Ragan.

It was released in 2000 with a broad design and founded by the New York foundry Hoefler & Co. Since its release, it has been extensively used and is visible in different notable places.


The Nexa font family includes 9 weights and 36 fonts. It’s excellent for motion graphics, web, print, and well-finished geometric designs.

This font is suitable for headings of all sizes and text blocks in both maximum and minimum width and height.

Franklin Gothic

The font Franklin Gothic and its relatives are a family of sans-serif fonts created by the American Style Founders foundry. It is a popular choice for advertisements and headlines in newspapers.

The typeface has kept a large profile over time, appearing in textbooks and billboards.

Monotype Grotesque

Monotype Grotesque font is a typeface that achieves a sense of visual harmony by not being like the grotesque faces of the past, its modern look makes it an excellent choice for contemporary text work.

Monotype Grotesque is a typeface designed by Sol Hess in 1927, and released by the Monotype Corporation in 1928.


Larsseit is a font designed in 2013 by Swedish typographer Daniel Pelavin. Selected for use in Slack’s messaging platform, Larsseit has become popular among users of that application.

Larsseit is the go-to font for the popular Slack app, which has over 10 million daily users.

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