5 Best Typewriter Fonts

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For a number of years, typewriters were the king of productivity. While technology has obviously come a long way in the intervening years, there’s still nothing quite like them.

Typewriter fonts are bold monospaced fonts that are often used to emulate old-style printing applications, such as those of the manual typewriter. We love typewriter fonts here at Colorarm, so we’ve put together some great fonts for you to check out in this post.

Thesis Typewriter

The Thesis Typewriter font, created by Sebastian Kosch, is one of our most popular choices.

The Thesis Typewriter font is a versatile typeface available in three different styles (Weary, Regular and Bold) making it the perfect choice for a variety of design projects.

FF Trixie

If you are looking for a typeface that is versatile, Trixie is the font for you. It has twelve variations, meaning that whatever your project, there is a suitable Trixie font for it.

While this grunge-style font may seem expensive, it is definitely worth every penny; Trixie has apparently had quite a history, being created in Nuremberg in the 1930s and with its ‘mother font’ being Triumph Durabel.


Detective is a moody and nostalgic typeface that’s great for projects with a mysterious vibe.

The font features straight-edged characters as well as letters that have been slightly warped, adding an authentic and playful feel to your project.

LTC Remington Typewriter Pro Set

LTC Remington Typewriter Pro is an elegant, vintage-inspired typeface that offers a touch of classic style with modern characteristics.

This clean alternative to bulky, ink-splattered typewriter fonts is perfect for combining a touch of classic design with more technological visuals.


Intimo is a retro-style font that blends the simplicity of typewriter dots with the letterforms of a manual typewriter.

It offers something a bit different while retaining effortless readability and a nice visual effect in various sizes.

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