Fastest Shopify Themes 2022

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There’s nothing worse than a website that lags and freezes. With our super-fast Shopify themes, you’ll enjoy a no-hassle online store experience. Speed things up with a faster site, improved rankings, and more sales.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the fastest Shopify themes that load quickly, rank high, and sell a lot of products every day.


Booster is the fastest Shopify theme ever! It’s so fast that it’s one of the fastest Shopify themes in their lineup. With all of its code created from scratch by the True Scalable team, it really is a super fast Shopify theme. You and your shoppers will love it!

If you really want the fastest Shopify themes, Booster is your fastest option.


Turbo is a lightning fast Shopify theme that’s fully optimized for speed, but also includes a lot of great customization tools and 8 completely different design variations. While the demo store didn’t show excellent scores, Turbo was excellent in real-life tests – and we’re sure that the theme can be edited to perform much better.

Turbo provides pre-made templates to help you get started quicker, and dozens of speed-related features to make your site even faster with capabilities like smart page preloading.


The Shoptimized theme is incredibly fast – but it’s also made with one major goal in mind: helping you make the most sales out of your store. As you already know, speed is an important part of user experience. So it was not a surprise to see this theme ace the PageSpeed tests.

Shoptimized includes nearly 30 conversion-boosting features in one package, all of which are fully optimized to work with this theme specifically.


Flex is a Shopify theme from the same developers who developed the turbo theme, and it’s one of our personal favorites. It does well in our PageSpeed testing, but its biggest strength is its flexibility – letting designers and freelancers create completely custom sites without having to worry about speed optimization.

Flex includes a wide range of flexible layouts, as well as extensive custom CSS editing options, so you can build custom sites that all adhere to strict optimization rules and achieve excellent speed results.


Debutify is the fastest Shopify theme that you can get for free nowadays. This free theme comes with several basic features, which is more than enough if you’re just setting up your first online store and enter the world of e-commerce.

This template comes with an easy to use dashboard, default layout design that’s easy to navigate and edit, and the possibility to change colors, aligning it with your brand’s color.

You just found the fastest Shopify themes in the world. We built these templates to load websites super fast. Your customers will thank you, your Google rankings will skyrocket, and everyone will love you. 😉

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