5 WordPress Themes for Writers & Authors

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When it comes to writing, you could be regarded as the king of the planet. You can create your own blog and share your views on life and more. Writing an article is not difficult at all, but if you want the best lead traffic then you will need a highly-optimized WP theme.

Creating a website is no longer a challenge if you have an affordable WordPress theme for writers to use. It’s easy to get started and it takes less than a few minutes per page, so you can create top-quality works in no time.

Let’s Checkout some of the best wp themes for writers.


Gridlove is a responsive WordPress theme that works well with blogs and magazines. It features a flexible homepage and hundreds of pre-built layouts, plus forums and comment threads through bbPress. What’s more? It divides posts into multiple categories, including single or not single post layouts.

It also features several headers and infinite scrolling. Furthermore, Gridlove is an enterprise-ready theme that adapts to every type of writing you do!


VidMov is a multi-purpose video WordPress theme with advanced monetization features. The theme is suitable for creating sites where users can buy access to the content. To monetize your site, you can use the built-in myCred integration, which sells your videos and displays ads on them at the same time, or select a third-party tool for this purpose.

As VidMov supports all of the best premium membership plugins for WordPress, you can also restrict access to your content with different levels of membership if you choose not to charge for it.


Veen is a WordPress theme for writers, journalists, and bloggers. It’s clean and minimalistic design will appeal to anyone who likes a simple interface that doesn’t get in the way of their content. This theme is great for any topic or niche because it offers well-designed samples that you can use to activate the editor and turn them into full-blown blogs.

It’s optimized for fast loading speed, SEO, mobile devices and web browsers.


Uppercase is a top-notch WordPress theme with noticeable designs that will help make an immediate difference. As a writer, you will easily start your online project with the power of Uppercase.

It has many features that make it easy to get started and make your website stand out from the rest. Beautiful social integration for different networks is also ready to activate with a click.


Pepper is a unique theme that resolves the paradox of choice for WordPress users. It looks great, is user-friendly, and is FREE. On top of that, it assures the perfect balance between features and user comfort.

If you’re curious about modules, Pepper is the theme to get you started. It’s free, so you should definitely give it a shot. Of course, there are many other reasons to download and install this wonderful theme.

Did you find the theme you were looking for? Let us know if it worked for you.

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